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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man Fights Back - Podcast #38

Man Fights Back - Podcast #38 - Download MP3
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Opening Clip:

Gettin' it in the can by Bud Light

MFB Opening Theme - New Theme Music! - Check out!

Opening Comments:
4th time's the charm!
Coffee is a good thing...
Snow Emergency in Indy!
How's the Skype connection sounding?
Andrew got carded! New rule in Indiana?
Miley Cirus = Fail!

Valentines Day Coming Up! - Check this out: Restaurant Promotes Bathroom Sex For V-Day

Music Break:
Deanna Brown - "Burned Out"

Fortune Cookie Message of the Week:
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

National News:
MSM: Vancouver police get sonic crowd control device
Rise of Wind Turbines Is a Boon for Rope Workers
Turning Swords into High Speed Rail - Obama's iAmerica
Homeland Security's Post Underwear Bomb Airplane Rules
China threatens sanctions over arms sale to Taiwan
Indiana House panel approves guns-at-work bill

Music Break:
Adam Woodall Band - "Groovin Four On The Floor Rock"

Technology News:
Is eBay facing seller revolt?
Microsoft help desk less busy after Windows 7
Amazon Pulls Books Over Price Dispute
Russians Wary of Cyrillic Web Domains

Music Break:
Allofa Sudden - "Eyelash"

Music Mashup Trivia #25

News Clip Break from No Agenda Episode# 168

Music Break:
42 Shades Of Gray - "Shortcut To Paradise"

Strange News:
Pastor Accused Of Pulling Gun On Son At Church
Cops: Pair allegedly use jury box to smuggle drugs
UK fugitive who taunted police on Facebook caught

Ending Music:
Sandoval Band - "Simple Complicated"

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