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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man Fights Back - Podcast #36

Man Fights Back - Podcast #36 - Download MP3

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Opening Clip:

Jonathan Coulton - Baby Got Back

MFB Opening Theme

Opening Comments:
Show via Skype this time!
MFB donates to Haiti You can too - Text "Haiti" to 90999
Eddie V. is going skiing, watch out!
Leno vs. Conan

Music Break:
Stepping on Mars - "Crystal"

Fortune Cookie Message of the Week:

Man who stand on street corner with hands in pockets, not feeling crazy, feeling nuts.

Technology News:
Code That Protects Most Cellphone Calls Is Divulged
Ten years of BlackBerry
Planet-hunting Telescope Unearths Hot Mysteries
Best of CES 2010

Music Break:
Isaac Angel - "In the Middle of the Night"

National News:
Genetic Lessons From a Prolific Sperm Donor
Canada, Australia ranked best places for expats
Amanda Simpson: A Transgender Rocket Scientist Goes to Washington

MSM: MI5 told US about Detroit bomber’s terror links ‘a year ago’
Jay Leno Cancelled, Conan Comtemplating Split - RUMOR-Conan Could go toFOX?

Extra Extra:

Music Break:
Milow - "Waking Up"

Music Mashup Trivia #23

News Clip Break from No Agenda Episode# 163

Indiana News:
Customer's threats fall on police officers' ears
Rare form of Tuberculosis investigated in Marion County

Music Break:
Modern Science - "U Funk Me Up"

Strange News:
Cosmic coincidence? Trooper reports fireball at same time as earthquake
Alcohol now costs less than water
BlackAtlas - Your Passport to the Black Experience
Woman Charged in McNuggets Attack
"Deadliest Catch" Bank Rob Suspect Caught
Walmart greeter attacked says he was fired

Ending Music:
Blue Miles Band - "Lucky Fool"

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