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Friday, April 24, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode #14

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Opening Clip - Ebonic Airways
MFB Opening Theme

Opening Comments

Music Break:
Kick The Cat - "Blow Me"

Technology News:
Microsoft cancels company picnic
Apple's 'Baby shaker' app
Verizon Said to Be in Talks for the iPhone
Apple plots course for middle of mobile
Tapping your cell phone
Congress Begins Deep Packet Inspection of Internet Providers

Music Break:
Cheryl Allison - "Cover Me"

William Hung IS Inspiration - Rocket Man

National News:
Mexico flu deaths raise fears of global epidemic
NYC Heath Department: 75 kids sickened at 1 school
Plane diverted to Boston after man rushes cockpit
Air Force One Backup Rattles New York Nerves
Miss California Could Sue for Discrimination, Legal Analyst Says

Music Break:

Music Mashup Trivia # 7

News Clip Break:
Border patrol alleged to have beat up and tazed pastor, smashed his car, on US soil, because he insisted on 4th Amendment rights

No Agenda Clip- 4-19-2009

Indiana News:
Valpo museum removes Civil War grenade
Selling your gold for cash
Downtown Mall, Hotels Could Contribute to CIB Bailout
One swine flu case reported in Indiana
Strip Club in Cass County, IN closed down for prostitution and stripper with HIV
Sheriff warns of scam involving swine flu caller

Music Break
Captain Riboflavin - "In Your Power"

Strange News:
Wis. Teen Allegedly Steals From Cars To Pay Lawyer
Postal Worker Accused Of Stealing 'breakup Book'
Court Upholds Divorce by Text Message
Economic Crisis Hits German Sex Industry
Bag of Poo Sent Home in Kid's Backpack
Man Dies After 34 Shots From Nail Gun

Ending Music:
Bluecatz - "My Best Goodbye"
Slurpy Gloop - "Don't Let Your Touch Die"

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