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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode #10

Man Fights Back - Podcast #10 - Download MP3

Alternate Download Link for Episode #10 - Download MP3

Episode #10 is finally here! We ended up with 10 songs for the 10th show (this was unplanned!). Can you hear the thunder in the background? It was storming like crazy during the recording...


Twitter Update - 586 Followers

Supersize Me - Morgan Spurlock

Today's Papers from State

X-Box 360 - Call of Duty: World of War

Slow Internet at IndyScan HQ

ER - Final Episode aired on April 2nd - 15 years of ER

Study: Women find funny guys smarter

Spanking Brings Couples Closer

Raising beverage and alcohol taxes - AGAIN

No Agenda Clip Played from 4-2-2009

John Titor - Time Traveler or Myth?


Opening Song from

Dan Deacon vs. GS Boys - "Stanky Leg"

Music from

Flaming Hot Danger - "We're Going Green"

Hots - "Movin on Up" f/Raheem_Devaughn

Chronicle - "Feel This One"

Hanzz - "No Beauty Within (Original Mix)"

White Light Riot - "Out of Sight"

Ground Mower - "Down"

Stereo Apollo - "Careful for the Undertow"

Million Dollar Mouth - "Snakes"

Collide - "Razor Sharp"

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