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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode #06

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Show Notes:

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Next Mission (STS-119 Discovery Flight) Scheduled for March 12th 2009

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K-Mart advertising Lay - Away on TV

How to Protect Yourself From Fraudsters/Scammer on Ebay
Tom Mansell


Looking for a diner in downtown Chicago - Replacement for Cambridge House? Please recommend something….. Comment on site with any ideas please…. Thanks!


Songs Played:

Opener Song: Whoop-Ass Song by Ray

Burning Couch 5 - Befuddled

Wired Magazine - Creative Commons CD:

DC 3000 by Thievery Corporation

Roxanne Should Be Dancing by DJ Zebra


Dave Benson said...

Ray is an excellent vocalist :-)

I like the fact that you were all extra-terrestrial this week, talking about UFOS. I completely agree that there is life out there somewhere. There is an equation in cosmology called the Drake's Equation that basically gives the odds that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. I always thought it was interesting (hence majoring in astrophysics) but check it out:

Now, just because there has to be intelligent life out there somewhere doesn't mean that we'll ever meet them. Even if we do achieve space travel that can travel many times the speed of light (which some physicists say is impossible) they may be so far away from us that we’ll never actually be able to see them from Earth. I’ll explain a little below (disregard for non-science nerds):

First I have to explain that the universe is still expanding due to a theory called ‘inflation’. We can tell this because of ‘red-shifting’ in light from distant stars, but that’s a thought for another time. A good analogy to explain inflation is what happens when you bake raisin bread (stay with me here)… Basically you can picture that every galaxy in our universe is a raisin in the bread that is the space that we take up (disregard the fact that we aren’t sure if the bread would then be infinitely large for now). As the bread bakes, each and every raisin gets farther and farther away from each other because the space in between them is actually growing.

Second, we have to consider that even if the universe is bigger than about 14 billion light years, we won’t actually be able to see anything beyond that. This is because even if the light left its source 14 billion years ago, if we were more than 14 billion light years away from the source we wouldn’t be able to see it because the universe is only about 14 billion years old. (Since a light year is defined as the distance light can travel in a year at 670616629.2 miles per second)

So if you put the two together, our window or horizon of what we can see will never be more than how old the universe is… So if the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light (which current data suggests it is) we will actually slowly be able to see less and less galaxies as they leave our ‘horizon’.

All in all, this means that we may never meet an alien, and we may never actually prove they exist… But we can’t rule out their existence.


EddieV said...

Thanks for the nice commentary on the PodCast! That is great stuff... You always have a great review and we appreciate your information and feedback! I look forward to Dave comments and information.... Thanks again for taking time to comment....