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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode # 9.5

Man Fights Back - Podcast # 9.5 - Download MP3

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Clone your "Willy" Commercials?

In Support of Cloning Your "Willy"

Obama to send more troops to Afghanistan?,8599,1888216,00.html

Word on Executive Assassination Circle?

Government to the rescue of newspapers

KFC to fill pot holes with logo?

Rant - My Power Bill?!?!? It drastically changes! Why? - Anyone know why your Kilowatt per hour rate changes? Leave a comment.....

Man accused of sex with dog and horse‏ - This is just RONG - Yes... RONG - Wrong!

Man at border asks for manners, gets pepper spray;_ylt=AjDdRVjdHFVASHzMJTFZrjrtiBIF

Garage Band -

Aunt Kizzy Z Boys - "Texas Blues Man"
Three Years Hollow - "Make Yourself"
Universal Hall Pass - "Dragonfly"
Faithful Narrator - "I Want To Kill You But I Can't"
Pixelfrog - "Mystic Dunes"

Closing Song - Mind Over Matter (Tony Valasek) - "Fly Away"

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