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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Man Fights Back - Podcast #02

We have done it again! Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions from the first show.... We made some improvements and for the most part things went a lot smoother this time. We will get better as we go... Hilarious commercials in this one that Andrew found! Great tunes from as well.... Please keep suggestions and comments coming and feel free if you would like a topic brought up. Thanks again!

Man Fights Back - Podcast #02 - Download MP3

Songs Played

OOIINND - Moonoom

Behavior - Anywhere but here

You Tube Link to Asteroid impact to Earth put to Pink Floyd's - Great Gig in the Sky


John said...

Great job on this one guys. Sounded 1000% better then episode 1.

One correction, the "Super Bowl Porn Incident" occurred in Tucson and I guess Comcast is offering a $10 credit to the effected customers.

Dave Benson said...

Elkhart isn't "The Region"! ;-) That's just Amish country.

Also, Nova is a bad-ass program. My favorite (being the nerd I am) is Brian Greene's "The Elegant Universe". Great book on string theory, and they do a great job explaining in non-scientfic programs.

On the topic of the stimulus package, I'll have to argue a little with you there :-)

Obama's bill isn't giving money to consumers, he's actually proposing funding government projects to create more jobs. Though Congress decided to strip out half of the beneficial stuff in the package so take that for what you will. Hopefully it will help more than the Bush bailouts did. The only direct influence it will have on consumers is a $1000 tax break for people with low/mid range incomes.

Unfortunately/Fortunately depending on what side of the fence you are on, a whole bunch of stuff got cut from the package before the house would pass it:

My personal favorite is apparently we couldn't afford to include 50 million of a 800 billion dollar package to give to NASA. Also, apparently the 2 billion that was originally alloted for the development of universal broadband went bye bye.

At least this package is going to give money to projects that need it instead of bailing out people who couldn't run a business properly. This way at least the taxpayers who are paying for it are getting something in return (better roads, better federal buildings, etc.).

Talking about how much crap we all carry in our bags, I found this group a while ago and I thought it was interesting:

Here's a link to what happened with Google:

Pretty crazy such a small thing could impact so many people!

This is a funny article on the Phelps thing:

Last, but not least... Ed at 59:44 you totally said "If it were me..." ;-)

Andrew said...

Thanks Dave! I totally heard Ed say "if it were me" and let it slide. I'll make sure to call him out next time! It's an inside joke for all of you out there who don't know/work with us.

Also, thanks for your feedback on the show. We're definitely looking for ways to make the show better & it's great to have listener feedback (and links) about the content!