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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode #04

Man Fights Back - Podcast #04 - Download MP3

We are into our 4th Podcast and counting....Yeah still trying to make it better every time.
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This week we discuss several items and we made a decent attempt at a remote setup.It was a little challenging with Badnwidth and all but everything went prretty decent.....

Here are our links and stories for the show! - Thanks for listening!

News:Sony POS on the Onion

World of World of Warcraft

Indianapolis team's race car stolen An Indianapolis racing team that competes in the U.S. Auto Club's Silver Crown series had its race car and hauler stolen in Oklahoma last week. The car belongs to Eugene Nolen, whose crew was hauling it from Indianapolis to Arizona for the season's opening race at the Manzanita Speedway near Phoenix.

Restaurants struggle as consumers eat at home Cash-strapped consumers are getting reacquainted with cooking at home, and that's been bad news for restaurants and their stocks.

Nadya Suleman's Challenge: Paying for 14 Kids:

Does she look like and act like Angelina Jolie? Cosmetic Surgery to her lips? Who is paying for all this?,,20261065,00.html

Ind. Senate pass red-light cameras bill

Ticketmaster settles suit over online sales

Nonpartisan Watch on Stimulus Bill -

Henry Rollins Tattoo:


Smash-up Derby -
- Talking Franz
- Tainted Like You

Grageband -

Aunt Kizzy z Boyz - Bad Girl

Ten Story Relapse - Who Would Jesus Bomb


Dave Benson said...

First off, the intro music was the best song you guys have played yet. I do have a suggestion for you to check out though:

Its a song called "US History" by Flipsyde. Its rap, but I think its a really cool concept.

On World of Warcraft, gotta tell you the real acronym... its a MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role playing game. And people are seriously addicted to it. There are whole industries in Asia that run off of that game's gold farming where you can give people real money for virtual gold. Check it out:

I totally agree with Ed that it would be cool for people to be able to play games with each other online cross system, but I don't think that will ever happen because the companies are direct competitors. Microsoft has made some games that let players play on the Xbox 360 or PC and play against each other.

Last but not least on the woman who had octuplets... Can you believe there's a porn company offering her $1 million dollars to star in one of their films? They're also offering full dental and medical insurance for her whole family for life. How gross is that!

Overall though, good episode!

EddieV said...

Great Comments and information Dave! We appreciate it! Thanks for listening.... That is very interesting news about Nadya! WOW! In a sick way she shold do it for the $$$! I hear her whole family is broke because of her.... Interesting to see what happens... Ha Ha!

Thanks again Dave!