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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Man Fights Back - Episode #07

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Man Fights Back - Episode #07

Show Notes:

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US car sales hit record low

GM More Open to Bankruptcy

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Topic: Odd things you see on the side of the road....

Goetta - The Cincinnati Treat! -

Starbucks breakfast sandwiches - New Sandwiches!

Gordon Ramsey's new f-word is "finances," hopefully not "foreclosure"

Marco Pierre White: I didn't make Gordon Ramsay weep, he chose to cry

Ryanair could make passengers pay for toiletsBy SHAWN POGATCHNIK – Feb 27, 2009 - AP News

Café Toilet Sign

Mexico drug war hangs over "spring break"

Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside 'bong' - AP News

Songs Played:

REDCAR - Can't Be Stopped

Sevin Thurdy - STEP:Show Ya Grill

Laura Smith - Driven


Funky Goes to Hollywood - Mashup (Frankie Goes to Hollywood vs. Wild Cherry)

Smashup Derby - Closer to Rockn Roll


Dave Benson said...

Hey guys... Anyone is welcome to follow me on Twitter, my handle is "BennyBenso". Also, thanks for the blog shout out!

I did read about the limit that Twitter puts on accounts. Apparently if you are following over 1000 people, you can only follow 10% more than the number of people that you can follow.

I love the Bill Mays parodies too... I've put up a couple on my blog that were my favorites:

Last, it is true that the Hubble is slowly dying. Basically the hardware that it has is slowly starting to fail. The last update I had was back in October:

But its replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch in 2013 right now... Check it out:

Darrin said...

Yeah, I'm lame, I've been wrapped up in an audiobook, so I'm only just now getting caught up on my March podcast listening.

Appreciate the shout out, I'll reciprocate at the next opportunity of course.

Really enjoying your show. If you ever want to drop by and guest-host with a band and do some cross-promoting, just say the word.


- Darrin