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Friday, October 29, 2010

Man Fights Back - Podcast #44

Man Fights Back - Podcast #44 - Download MP3
Alternate Download Link for Episode #44 - Download MP3

Opening Clip:
Dirty Harry - "Do you feel lucky?"

MFB Opening Theme - Check out!

Opening Comments:
We are BACK! - May 31, 2010 was the last show!

Music Break:
Ben Twisted - "About Her"

Let me Google that for you!
Oct 13 Predicted UFO Sighting
Printable prescription drugs heading to a pharmacy near you?
Chilean miners rescued after 69 days underground

Music Break:
Christopher IQ More - "Cold Hearted"

The iPad & Apple products
Used video games illegal?

Music Mash-up Trivia #19

Music Break:
Maadmoiselle - "Something Better" ft. Amanda Blank Precise

Closing Comments:
We are NOT Nerds!
Ugly Meter for iPhone

Ending Music:
Spady - "Anyway"

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