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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man Fights Back - Podcast #39

Man Fights Back - Podcast #39 - Download MP3
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Opening Clip:
We are the World Parody

MFB Opening Theme - New Theme Music! - Check out!

Opening Comments:
Valentines Day
NASCAR Begins! - Long Daytona over a pothole.
Tota is getting screwed!
John Mellencamp in Washington?

Music Break:
Brother Love - "Summertime"

Fortune Cookie Message of the Week:
Exotic dancer get applause, call girl just get clap.

National News:
'Deadliest Catch' captain Phil Harris dies after recent stroke
Bill Clinton hospitalized after chest discomfort, gets stents
Nodar Kumaritashvili Luge Death Crash Looks for Someone to Blame
Director Kevin Smith Tossed from Southwest Flight for Being Too Fat
Twists Multiply in Shooting Case
Alabama Suspect Fatally Shot Her Brother in 1986

Music Break:
Adam Woodall Band - "On My Way Home - solid roots rock"

Technology News:
Sat-nav devices face big errors as solar activity rises
Twitter hackers appear to be Shiite group

Facebook's new £7.5bn virus protection scheme to 'prevent cyber hacking'
Cable Freedom, Aided by a Mouse

Music Break:
Jay O-K - "Back to Life Remix"

Music Mashup Trivia #26

News Clip Break from No Agenda Episode# 172 - Clinton Fund - Wow!

Music Break:
100 Year Picnic - "Hot Balloon"

Strange News:
Doctor gave man two left feet
Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord
Want to Help Find Aliens? Now, You Can
Using Menu Psychology to Entice Diners

Ending Music:
Acetylene Hayes - "Automatic"

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