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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man Fights Back - Podcast #24

Man Fights Back - Podcast #24 - Download MP3
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Opening Clip:
Chemical Brothers vs. Tears for Fears

MFB Opening Theme

Opening Comments:
Andrew E is sick AGAIN!
Eddie V has a PC Virus!
GoDaddy is not going well...
Watched Jay Leno & forgot to laugh...
Happy Trails Matt McD!

Music Break:
"The Itch" - Soundhole

Fortune Cookie Message of the Week:
"He who laughs last is laughing at you." - A Wise Man

Technology News:
Netflix: There’s a Movie Waiting on Your iPhone
DRM Take II — Digital Personal Property
Viewers hunger for Web and TV at same time
Study finds prime time on the Internet is 11 p.m

Radiation threats: The 10 most potentially hazardous smartphones

Music Break:
"Sweet Nation Army Dreams" - Smashup Derby

National News:
Patrick Swayze, Hollywood's Dirty Dancer, Dead at 57
Coast Guard: Radio Message Caused Confusion
Semenya withdraws from race amidst gender questions
US Open 2009- Serena disqualified against Clijsters over a Foot Fault!! [YouTube Video]
Kanye West Has Truly Lost It This Time

Music Break:
"Sangra" - Mono Bolero

Music Mashup Trivia #15

News Clip Break:
No Agenda Show #129

Indiana News:
Schrenker makes court appearance
Music Mill to reopen again under new owner

NCAA president Myles Brand dies after year-long battle with cancer
Mall magnate, Pacers owner Melvin Simon dies at 82
Three Indiana prison staffers fired over inmate escape

Music Break:
"Motivator" - Voide

Strange News:
Police: Fake Cop Arrested After Stopping La. Mayor
Sleep-deprived doctors told to drink coffee

Man Honored For 50 Years Of Service At McDonald's
Looking for an evening class? Try butchery

Cops: Robber came back to ask victim for date

Ending Music:
"Space Freight" - Synthetrix

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