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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Man Fights Back - Podcast #21

Man Fights Back - Podcast #21 - Download MP3
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Opening Clip:
"Man Purse" - Iian Speizer

MFB Opening Theme

Opening Comments:
Discovery show - "The Colony" - What are we getting prepared for?
New family members

Music Break:
"Shadows" - Two Ton Shoe

Technology News:
The e-Cig is back!
Yahoo has escape clause in Microsoft search deal
Windows 7 XP Mode enters RC

Music Break:
"Don't Hide It, Divide It" - Hunk of Funk

National News:
Autopsy: Cocaine contributed to Billy Mays' death
Actors remember filmmaker Hughes as influential
More Information on Forced Vaccines - Injunctions to be filed?
Shocking New Birth Certificate Proof Obama Born In Kenya?

Music Break:
"Only One" - Mary Kathryn

News Clip Break:
"Google & Yahoo" - No Agenda Clip

Indiana News:
Obama Vists Indiana - AGAIN!
Blowback: Indiana's emerging wind farms whip up controversy
Barbecued beaver? Indiana State Fair crowd was game

Music Break:
"I Can Relate" - Blue James Band

Strange News:
1 in 10 Illinois drivers have potentially defective license plates
Kansas Man Wins Big In Lottery For 2nd Time In '09
Obese Texas inmate hides gun in his flabs of fat

Ending Music:
"Inter" - Soundhole

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