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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Man Fights Back - Podcast #01

We finally did it! Ed & Andrew took the audio equipment on the last business trip & recorded the first of many podcasts to come. We had some technical difficulties, but all in all we think it turned out pretty good!

Look for new episodes in the near future. Enjoy!

Man Fights Back - Podcast #01 - Streaming
Man Fights Back - Podcast #01 - Download MP3


Dave Benson said...

Nice job for the first one guys! I do have to correct you on one thing... Gateway isn't going out of business, MPC is. When Gateway split up, Acer bought the "Gateway" brand and their consumer lines and MPC bought their "professional" line. So if you buy a Gateway from Best Buy or whatever you still can get support. (Though I don't know if I would recommend buying one anyways :-))

But... I'll keep listening, looking forward to the next one!

Andrew said...

Thanks Dave!!!

EddieV said...

Thanks Dave! We are planing on improving as we go... Hopefully try to prep for shows a little ahead of time and work out the technical difficulties... Thanks for checking it out!